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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Airlines told to cancel flights over strike

A planned strike by air traffic controllers in France will not cause as much disruption as first feared after one of two unions pulled out of the six-day walk-out. However France’s civil aviation authorities have still asked airlines to cancel 20 percent of flights.

There were some much-needed relief for travellers in France over the weekend when the larger of two unions behind a planned six-day airport strike called off their threatened industrial action.

However there will still be some disruption for air travellers, especially in the south of the country and for those flying in and out of Paris.

Civil aviation authorities have called on airlines to cancel 20 percent of scheduled flights from airports in the south of the country as well numerous flights leaving Paris in order to ease the pressure.

The airports in the cities of Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse, as well as the two Paris hubs - Charles de Gaulle and Orly, are all expected to be hit by the strike.

In a statement budget airline EasyJet said: "EasyJet has been advised by the French DGAC of potential industrial action by employees of the Air Traffic Control in France this week.

'We are disappointed at this unnecessary strike action which has the potential to cause considerable disruption and cancellations for passengers and airlines across Europe."

Ryanair also said it has been forced to cancel several flights.

Passengers are being advised to contact their carrier before going to the airport.

Flights heading to southern European countries like Spain and Portugal as well as North African countries Tunisia and Morocco will likely be the most affected, Le Figaro newspaper reported.

However the situation could have been worse for travellers if talks between the government and the SNCTA union had failed to persuad the worker’s organisation to call off its strike.

Those successful negotiations mean 75 percent of flights should be guaranteed, authorities say. At one point on Friday it looked as if as many as 60 percent of scheduled departures and arrivals could have been affected.

The unions are protesting against planned resources cuts between 2015 and 2019, which they say will threaten the “necessary performance and modernisation needed to ensure an efficient air navigation service in France”, according to the statement.

The strike comes ahead of a June 30 deadline for France to present its budget plans for the sector over the next five years to Brussels.

The strikers are protesting against planned cuts between 2015 and 2019 that they say will threaten the "necessary performance and modernisation needed to ensure an efficient air navigation service in France."

The cuts form part of a European Commission plan, called Single Sky Europe, to reduce air navigation costs by organising airspace into functional blocks, according to traffic flows rather than national borders.

The strikers argue that the move will lead to a "forced low-cost" ethos in air traffic.

Known Easyjet cancellations as at 22h00 on 23/6/2014:-

24/06/2014 EZY4301 LYS BOD

24/06/2014 EZY4302 BOD LYS

24/06/2014 EZY3701 CDG BIQ

24/06/2014 EZY3702 BIQ CDG

24/06/2014 EZY4025 ORY TLS

24/06/2014 EZY4026 TLS ORY

24/06/2014 EZY1701 TLS LIL

24/06/2014 EZY1702 LIL TLS

24/06/2014 EZY3905 CDG MAD

24/06/2014 EZY3906 MAD CDG

24/06/2014 EZY3919 CDG BCN

24/06/2014 EZY3920 BCN CDG

24/06/2014 EZY4353 LYS NTE

24/06/2014 EZY3654 NTE TLS

24/06/2014 EZY4340 TLS LYS

24/06/2014 EZY4027 ORY TLS

24/06/2014 EZY4028 TLS ORY

24/06/2014 EZY4305 LYS BOD

24/06/2014 EZY1376 BOD GVA

24/06/2014 EZY4339 LYS TLS

24/06/2014 EZY3653 TLS NTE

24/06/2014 EZY4356 NTE LYS

24/06/2014 EZY4069 ORY NCE

24/06/2014 EZY4074 NCE ORY

24/06/2014 EZY3964 TLS CDG

24/06/2014 EZY3965 CDG TLS

24/06/2014 EZY1375 GVA BOD

24/06/2014 EZY4308 BOD LYS

[Please check your airline's website for up-to-date information]

Thursday, 5 June 2014

French rail workers call 'extendable' strike

Travelers and commuters in France could be in for travel chaos next week as workers at the SNCF, the state-owned railway company, have threatened an 'extendable' strike over proposed reforms.