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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ryanair ash cloud statement


The UK VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre) today (25th May) confirmed what everybody already knows; that the UK Met Office charts which have caused unnecessary flight cancellations for tens of thousands of passengers are wrong.

Contributing to the Eurocontrol 8:00 a.m. (CET) conference call, the UKVAAC representative admitted the “red zone” shown in the UK Met Office charts is “in the wrong place”. This so called “red zone” caused the closure of German airspace to hundreds of flights. This admission comes too late for the thousands of passengers whose flights have already been cancelled.

The UK official refused airline requests to immediately amend the misleading charts despite the unnecessary chaos which continues to be caused by this misinformation. This scandalous bureaucracy means that unnecessarily cancelled flights cannot be reinstated in sufficient time to contact passengers who have already been advised of cancellations.

Ryanair again calls on the CAA to accept that these UK predictions are simply works of fiction, as proven by two Ryanair and one BA flight through supposed “red zones” which encountered no volcanic ash whatsoever during flight and post flight inspections.


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