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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Dinard airport parking update

A big thank you to Adrian Owlett who has just sent in some updated information about parking at Dinard airport. Adrian writes.........

"The free, first hour parking, at Dinard Airport, has now been abolished.

All cars now have to pay with the minimum price being for a two hour stay and the cost being 2,50 Euros..

Incidentally the web site for the airport has not been amended and still shows parking being free for the first hour - quite incorrect!

Note: When we used this revised service for the first time two weeks ago, there was general chaos. Many of the tickets failed to work properly and drivers had to report to the Ryanair desk to get tickets re-validated. I suppose Ryanair has taken over the car parking "concession" and hence the charging!"

Many thanks Adrian. I shall update our Dinard airport page this weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous thing about parking at Dinard Airport is that all the clocks on the operating machines are about 12 minutes fast. Result? You arrive at the pay station 1hr 55 minutes after the entry time shown on your ticket only to find that their clock shows you to be well into the 3rd hour and therefore paying an extra 2 euros 50. Taking this up with the airport information desk, you will only be met with arrogant indifference - " You should have noticed the time on the machine when you arrived, it must be your watch that is wrong etc, etc" Seems to be usual Ryanair fraudulent tricks!

Tuesday, 21 August, 2012  

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