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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ryanair flights to Marseille airport. More information

Ryanair, announced today (1st Feb) Marseille airport operations for the Summer 2011 season will be extended and will temporarily keep up to two planes at the airport overnight for just over four months (from April 14 to September 4), which will provide a total of 24 lines and deliver 500,000 passengers this summer to terminal MP2 Marseille.

Ryanair closed its base in Marseille in January following what they describe as “the unjustified legal proceedings launched seeking to compel crewmembers Irish Ryanair to pay taxes and social contributions in France, despite EU regulations that allow members 'Ryanair crew pay taxes and social contributions in Ireland where they were employed, worked and were paid. Ryanair continues to operate “

Ryanair has opened a judicial procedure before the European courts against the French decree.

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair's CEO said today in Marseille:

"Ryanair is delighted to announce the new program expanded its operations in Marseilles for the summer season now consists of 24 lines (including 11 new ones) and will deliver 500,000 passengers in the region of Provence this summer.

These operations during the summer will lead to a temporary halt for the night up to two planes registered in Ireland with Irish crews engaged with Irish contracts and pay their taxes and social security contributions in Ireland for a 4-month period. Ryanair remains committed to Marseille airport and we are delighted to continue working with Marseille and the Chamber of Commerce to launch new lines and to benefit from new visitors to MP2 from mid-April to early September 2011. "


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