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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beziers airport update

Beziers airport - new toilets are being installed in the arrivals hall while those in the departure hall (land side) are being updated.



Monday, 21 February 2011

Nimes airport delay

Today's Ryanair flight from Nimes airport to Luton airport is delayed by 2 hours. So far!


Waiting at Nimes airport

Waiting in the departure lounge at Nimes airport where there are not enough seats for all passengers (by quite a way).

There is a small snack bar selling chocolate and drinks plus a small selection of gifts which are OK for an emergency but not much else.

Can of Perrier - €3
Small bottle of water - €2


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ryanair Delivers World’s 1st Free Mobile Roaming

Ryanair Delivers World’s 1st
Free Mobile Roaming

1Million Free ‘Received Call’ Minutes from MAXROAM
Mobile World Congress 2011
DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ryanair, the world’s favourite airline, today (14th Feb) launched the world’s first free mobile phone roaming service, in conjunction with Maxroam, which allows passengers who travel on Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares to no longer pay for receiving mobile calls and SMS messages when they travel abroad.
Ryanair’s 78 million passengers can continue to save when making calls and sending SMS messages (or mobile data) with a Maxroam SIM card, which provides a fixed rate of just 29c per minute to make calls and just 9c to send standard text/SMS messages, across 43 European countries.
As part of its exclusive deal with Maxroam, Ryanair released one million free Maxroam ‘received call’ roaming minutes to new and existing customers.
Ryanair’s Sinead Finn said:
“Ryanair delivers the guaranteed lowest fares and with Maxroam we also deliver an unbeatable mobile phone roaming service which allows passengers to receive free calls and SMS messages when abroad, for the first time. Ryanair’s 78 million passengers can also benefit from the cheapest roaming rates in Europe when making calls and sending SMS messages, helping passengers to save even more with Ryanair.”
Maxroam’s Kieran Sexton said:
“Maxroam products dramatically reduce customers’ mobile roaming costs when travelling across Europe. Calls are 40% cheaper than existing European rates and Ryanair passengers can buy a Maxroam SIM, which includes €20 call credit, for just €10 on Maxroam SIM cards can be used anywhere in the world, in a standard GSM mobile phone while iPad and iPhone SIM cards are also available to allow all passengers to save even more with Ryanair.”
MAXROAM is a comprehensive global mobile communications service which was developed to remove the complexity when travelling with mobile communications. We can offer roaming charges that are up to 70% less than domestic operators removing the fear factor when using your mobile abroad. We also offer a range of mobile travel accessories on our online store. We have partner agreements with first class operators ensuring top quality voice calls and SMS in 230+ countries and principalities and data in 200+ countries.


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Friday, 18 February 2011

easyJet Tests Nano Technology for Fuel Efficiency

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, today announced that it is the first commercial airline to trial a revolutionary nano-technology coating on its aircraft aimed at reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency.

The ultra thin coating, already used on US military aircraft, is a polymer that cross links and bonds to the paint surface and only adds an estimated 4oz to the weight of the aircraft.
The coating reduces the build up of debris on the aircraft’s structure, leading edge and other surfaces; thus reducing drag on the surface of the aircraft. The manufacturers of the coating estimate that it could reduce easyJet’s fuel consumption by 1-2%. The airline has coated eight aircraft and will compare their fuel consumption with the rest of the fleet during a 12 month trial period.

An easyJet passenger is responsible for 22% fewer emissions than a passenger on a traditional airline, when they fly the same route and use the same type of plane.
Since its launch in 1995, easyJet has always strived to improve its efficiency to keep its costs down. Passengers benefit through low fares and a reduced carbon footprint.
This is achieved through a range of investments and innovations. easyJet’s fleet of 194 aircraft, many with Tech Insertion engines, is one of the youngest in Europe averaging less than four years old. It fills more of its seats than more than any scheduled European airline with a load factor of over 87%. easyJet planes taxi using one engine, use less ground equipment than legacy carriers and fly passengers to airports close to city centres, often with good public transport links. Weight onboard is reduced with light-weight carpets and the airline is currently looking at lighter seats in the cabin.

Carolyn McCall easyJet’s CEO said: “easyJet is really pleased about the trial with the special coating on our aircraft. Efficiency is in easyJet’s DNA. If we can find new ways of reducing the amount of fuel used by our aircraft we can pass the benefits onto our passengers by offering them low fares and a lower carbon footprint. All airlines should be incentivised to reduce the environmental impact of their operations which is why we welcome the government's commitment to move from APD to a fairer, greener per plane tax. We look forward to seeing the details of their proposal.”


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Facebook issues

Still trying to link this blog with my Facebook page

Monday, 7 February 2011

Beziers airport delay

I am sitting at Beziers airport my flight delayed, waiting to fly to Bristol and can confirm that the small snack bar in the departure lounge is most definitely operational.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

More flights to Montpellier airport

Birmingham to Montpellier airport flight starts later this year.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ryanair flights to Marseille airport. More information

Ryanair, announced today (1st Feb) Marseille airport operations for the Summer 2011 season will be extended and will temporarily keep up to two planes at the airport overnight for just over four months (from April 14 to September 4), which will provide a total of 24 lines and deliver 500,000 passengers this summer to terminal MP2 Marseille.

Ryanair closed its base in Marseille in January following what they describe as “the unjustified legal proceedings launched seeking to compel crewmembers Irish Ryanair to pay taxes and social contributions in France, despite EU regulations that allow members 'Ryanair crew pay taxes and social contributions in Ireland where they were employed, worked and were paid. Ryanair continues to operate “

Ryanair has opened a judicial procedure before the European courts against the French decree.

Michael O'Leary, Ryanair's CEO said today in Marseille:

"Ryanair is delighted to announce the new program expanded its operations in Marseilles for the summer season now consists of 24 lines (including 11 new ones) and will deliver 500,000 passengers in the region of Provence this summer.

These operations during the summer will lead to a temporary halt for the night up to two planes registered in Ireland with Irish crews engaged with Irish contracts and pay their taxes and social security contributions in Ireland for a 4-month period. Ryanair remains committed to Marseille airport and we are delighted to continue working with Marseille and the Chamber of Commerce to launch new lines and to benefit from new visitors to MP2 from mid-April to early September 2011. "

Ryanair launch new flights from Marseille

Ryanair launch new flights from Marseille airport – after announcing a boycott of the airport.

More to come.