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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Beziers airport reports record numbers for 2010

Passenger numbers at Beziers airport broke new records last year and further development this year will herald continuing growth. 

130,374 passengers used Beziers Cap d’Agde airport last year. This level is the third year running of strong growth (+49% in 2010). 

Several reasons: 
- A successful partnership with Ryanair, which has led to the opening of 5 lines in 4 years: 
Bristol and London (2008), 
Düsseldorf (2009), 
Stockholm (2010), 
Oslo (2011). 

And also next year will see continuing growth with the FlyBe - Beziers to Southampton flight with links through out the UK and to Dublin 

Daniel Galy, Chairman of the Airport said: "The platform is now clearly positioned as a regional operator in its own right, installed on a niche market" low cost "carrier for traffic and for economic activity our territory." 

The area has had more than 30 million euros in economic benefits 
Development will continue in 2011 with the opening of a fifth link Oslo with Ryanair and the arrival of a new 2nd and Flybe launch that first line from / to Southampton next May. 

2011 traffic forecast is around 160 000 passengers. 

Many thanks to Robin Hicks at WOW for this info.




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