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Friday, 9 April 2010

Flybe flights to France announced

Flybe flights to France announced.

Popular low cost airline Flybe offers its 2010 Summer Schedule with a choice of 190 routes across the UK and Europe including Croatia, France, Portugal and Spain that features 24 brand new services to top summer sun destinations available across the network.

The airline’s reputation for providing an extensive choice of quality, affordable and reliable travel has been confirmed many times and, to top its first full year as the UKs Number One domestic airline, Flybe most recently attracted global recognition by being the only UK carrier to feature in the prestigious Forbes 2009 Top 10 on time arrival list of Global Major Carriers.

While other airlines continue to limit and even withdraw routes, Flybe has been able to step in to grow and build capacity.  Flybe continues to offer the widest choice of summer routes to regional France, with 42 routes to and from 12 French and 11 UK airports. These feature  brand new routes from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and, from London Gatwick where the airline carries more domestic passengers and operates twice as many domestic routes than any other.

Flybe’s new summer schedule includes the brand new routes listed below:

Birmingham: Avignon (3xweek), Bordeaux (4xweek), Limoges (3xweek) Perpignan (3xweek) and Rennes (3xweek)
Edinburgh: Manston Kent (7xweek); Limoges (2xweek)
Exeter: Hannover (3xweek)
Guernsey: Belfast (2xweek July 14-Aug 28), Edinburgh (3xweek July 13 - Aug 31), Newcastle (2xweek), Norwich (1xweek)
Humberside: Belfast (4xweek), Malaga (1xweek)
Isle of Man: Bristol (4xweek)
Jersey: Once weekly Prestwick (June 19 - Sep 18) and Durham Tees Valley (May 29-Sep18)
London Gatwick: Limoges (3xweek)
Manchester: Avignon (2xweek), Bournemouth (6xweek) Bergerac (3xweek) and Limoges (3xweek)
Newcastle: Hannover (3xweek)
Southampton: Verona (weekly)

Returning for the Summer 2010 season are the following popular routes:

Aberdeen: Jersey
Belfast City: Jersey
Birmingham: Bergerac, Brest, Dubrovnic, La Rochelle, Split, Toulouse
Exeter: Avignon, Bergerac, Dubrovnik, Norwich, Rennes
Edinburgh: Bergerac, Rennes, Newquay
Glasgow: La Rochelle
Inverness: Jersey, Southampton
Isle of Man: Southampton
Jersey: Aberdeen, Belfast City, Dundee, Humberside, Inverness, Nice, Southend
Manchester: Brest, La Rochelle, Rennes
Newcastle: Limoges
Southampton:  Avignon, Bordeaux, Brest, Dubrovnic, Isle of Man, Limoges, Perpignon, Rennes, Split, Salzburg




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