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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Beziers airport expands

Beziers airport has just opened it's new departure lounge.

The new lounge, which is considerably bigger than the single lounge it now complements, was opened with many many speeches today. Most important though was the Ryanair representertive who said "Ryanair congratulates the airport on it's second lounge and remodelled terminus and will", she promised, " ensure Beziers features in any future developement plan in regional flights".
(Insiders suggest another European flight will be announced soon)

The new lounge at Beziers airport will also have a bar for drinks, tea and coffee.
The airport is now provides free acess WiFi for visitors. A second X ray scanner has also been installed and the airport now also has standing for 2 planes.

It is expected there will be up to 130,000 visitors through the airport this year - up from 30,000 in 2007.

The long term aim is to handle up to 250,000 passengers a year by 2012.

The airport represents a formible achievment by CCI Beziers who spent nearly €9 million in 2007 with the ambition of attracting a lo cost flight.

In high summer there will be
4 flights a week to Luton and Bristol
2 flights a week to Dusseldorf and Stockholm and
1 flight each week from Denmark

Many thanks to Robin at WoW for this news update.




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