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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ryanair flight update


 (A) Southbound flights from Spain, Southern Italy, Southern France (Marseille), Malta and Morocco continue as normal today.

(B)  All flights in Northern Europe (except flights between Ireland and the UK) to operate as scheduled from 05.00hrs Thurs 22nd April.

(C) All flights between Ireland and UK (including domestic routes) will resume normal schedules from 05.00hrs on Fri 23rd April (to allow for extra flights from Ireland to Continental Europe; and from UK to Continental Europe on Thursday 22nd April).

(D) Ryanair expects more delays and cancellations on Thurs/Friday as Europe’s ATC’s and airports struggle to handle the volume of flights.

(E)  Revised handling procedures notified to all airports to eliminate a backlog of passengers as soon as normal flight schedules resume.

Ryanair today (Wed 21st April) at 12.00hrs confirmed that it continues to operate Southbound flights from Spain, Southern Italy, South of France, Malta and Morocco as scheduled.  From tomorrow Thurs 22nd April, Ryanair expects to resume a full schedule of Northern European flights (except flights between Ireland and the UK).  Passengers holding reservations on these flights at these airports, should continue to present themselves at these airports as normal on Thurs 22nd April.

Ryanair has today (21 Apr) decided to cancel all of its flights between Ireland and the UK until 05.00hrs on Friday 23rd April in order to use these UK and Irish based aircraft to operate extra flights from the UK to Continental Europe; and from Ireland to Continental Europe on Thurs 22nd April to clear any backlog of disrupted passengers.  

Ryanair is announcing these decisions in order to give intending passengers as much notice as possible of the likely developments in European airspace over the coming two/three days.

Passengers can monitor the status of their flight by clicking on Ryanair Live Flight Information 

Flybe flight update

Flybe will begin operating as many of our services as we possibly can after 1300 today.  All flights due to operate PRIOR to 1300 are cancelled, with the exception of the following flights which have now been re-scheduled to depart after 1300:

  • BE1646 Bergerac - Southampton (dep 1610 arr 1650)
  • BE7109 Birmingham - Hamburg (dep 1300 arr 1550)
  • BE431 Birmingham - Hannover (dep 1300  arr 1555)
  • BE7113 Birmingham - Milan Malpensa (dep 1300 arr 1605)
  • BE705 Exeter - Newcastle (dep 1300  arr 1415)
  • BE1425 Exeter - Malaga (dep 1300 arr 1630)
  • BE7110 Hamburg - Birmingham (dep 1615 arr 1700)
  • BE432 Hannover - Birmingham (dep 1620 arr 1720)
  • BE706 Hannover - Newcastle (dep 1805  arr 1905)
  • BE1226 Limoges - Southampton (dep 1555 arr 1625)
  • BE1426 Malaga - Exeter (dep 1710 arr 1850)
  • BE7354 Manchester - Milan Malpensa (dep 1300 arr 1620)
  • BE7114 Milan Malpensa - Birmingham (dep 1635 arr 1745)
  • BE7355 Milan Malpensa - Manchester (dep 1650 arr 1805)
  • BE706 Newcastle - Exeter (dep 1950  arr 2105)
  • BE705 Newcastle- Hannover (dep 1440  arr 1740)
  • BE1645 Southampton - Bergerac (dep 1300 arr 1545)
  • BE1225 Southampton - Limoges (dep 1300 arr 1530)

    All other flights scheduled to depart after 1300, we intend to operate as scheduled. However, we have had to CANCEL the following flights due to depart after 1300 largely because their outbound legs had already been cancelled in prior to 1300.

    • BE644 Aberdeen - Leeds Bradford (dep 1815)
    • BE483 Belfast City - Manchester (dep 1715)
    • BE7077 Birmingham - Frankfurt (dep 1405)
    • BE790 Birmingham - Glasgow (dep 1530)
    • BE282 Cardiff - Belfast City (dep 1450)
    • BE264 Doncaster - Belfast City (dep 1415)
    • BE1504 Exeter - Belfast City (dep 1525)
    • BE643 Exeter - Leeds Bradford (dep 1450)
    • BE7078 Frankfurt - Birmingham (dep 1740)
    • BE7266 Frankfurt - Manchester (dep 1520)
    • BE791 Glasgow - Birmingham (dep 1710)
    • BE1130 Jersey - Edinburgh (dep 1300)
    • BE946 Jersey - London Gatwick (dep 1620)
    • BE164 Jersey - Luton (dep 1430)
    • BE456 Jersey - Manchester (dep1410)
    • BE643 Leeds Bradford - Aberdeen (dep 1620)
    • BE644 Leeds Bradford - Exeter (dep 1955)
    • BE174 Leeds Bradford - Southampton (dep 1705)
    • BE7294 London Gatwick - Aberdeen  (dep 1450)
    • BE7325 London Gatwick - Inverness  (dep 1435)
    • BE164 Luton - Isle of Man (dep 1600)
    • BE163 Luton - Jersey (dep 1300)
    • BE482 Manchester - Belfast City (dep 1550)
    • BE870 Manchester - Southampton (dep 1650)
    • BE1504 Paris Charles de Gaulle - Exeter (dep 1430)
    • BE714 Paris Charles de Gaulle - Jersey (dep 1545)
    • BE1026 Rennes - Southampton (dep 1320)
    • BE173 Southampton - Leeds Bradford (dep 1540)
    • BE869 Southampton - Manchester (dep 1520)

      Flybe advises travellers to continue checking on a regular basis for further updates.
      1. Passengers whose flight has been cancelled may:
        1. Rebook free of charge for travel within the next 28 days subject to space being available on the aircraft
        2. Rebook for travel at any time free of charge on similar route subject to availability
        3. Request a full refund

      2. Passengers who have rebooked due to a cancellation and wish to travel earlier may:
        1. Rebook free of charge for travel within the next 7 days subject to space being available on the aircraft

      3. Passengers with bookings for travel within 72 hours who need to change their plans may:
        1. Rebook free of charge for travel within the next 7 days subject to space being available on the aircraft

      4. For passengers who have requested a refund and now wish to fly within the next 28 days, we will do everything possible to reinstate your booking, subject to availability, providing the refund has not already been processed.
      Travel agents may request refunds via their BSP link for any flights cancelled in order to minimise delays.
      Flybe has increased staffing levels to manage the exceptionally high volume of calls and our lines are operating at maximum capacity. Thank you for your patience in these unique and unprecedented circumstances.
      To minimise call centre volumes, only passengers booked to travel between today and Thursday 22nd should attempt to call the Customer Call Centre on 0871 700 2000 (calls cost 10 pence per minute from BT landlines; calls from other networks may be higher) or, if calling from outside the UK, 00 44 1392 268500. Please note that this is the only Flybe contact number that can process booking changes.
      Customers who have been unable to travel over the last four days can make reservations on these services by calling Flybe on 0871 700 2000 (calls cost 10 pence per minute from BT landlines; calls from other networks may be higher) or Loganair’s Air Discount Scheme helpline on:  0844 800 2855 (0700 to 1700)

      Online ticket changes

      If you are due to travel on any cancelled flights today and you can still retrieve your booking online, you can change your booking here at without incurring a change fee. In addition we will refund you fully for any fare differential and any card administration charges. This policy is only applicable if you change your booking to commence travel within 28 days of your original departure date. You may also change the return portion of your journey free of charge as long as the length of stay at the destination remains the same.
      1. Please make the change online as normal then immediately...
      2. Fill out this form.
      3. Claims must be made immediately following your online change.
      We will refund you fully for any fare differential, seat assignment, baggage and card/booking administration charges. We aim to make this refund within 14 days, but your bank may take longer to deliver the refund to your account.

      Refunds on unused or partially used tickets

      If you are not planning on changing your itinerary and require a refund on an unused ticket, or a portion of it, please email:
      Customers wishing to re-book or make new bookings on those flights which are operating should call the Flybe call centre on 0871 700 2000 or call the Loganair Air Discount Scheme reservations helpline on 0844 800 2855. 

      Online Check In

      To enable us to assist with more ticket changes during this disruption period please note Online Check In is currently not available.

      Travel Insurance, Car Hire, Car Parking and Hotels

      For more information regarding your travel insurance, car hire, car parking or hotel booking please click here



      Despite the widely publicised re-opening of UK airspace last night, National Air Traffic Services has issued directions in the last hour which indicate that the forecast concentrations of volcanic ash in the area around Orkney and Shetland are now expected to exceed safe operating limits between 13:00 and 19:00 today.  
      As a result, the planned afternoon services on the following routings have now been CANCELLED:
      BE6833 Kirkwall - Aberdeen
      BE6834 Aberdeen - Kirkwall
      BE6835 Kirkwall - Aberdeen
      BE6836 Aberdeen - Kirkwall
      BE6778 Aberdeen - Sumburgh
      BE6779 Sumburgh - Aberdeen
      BE6780 Aberdeen - Sumburgh
      BE6781 Sumburgh - Aberdeen
      BE6897 Edinburgh - Kirkwall
      BE6898 Kirkwall - Edinburgh
      BE6899 Edinburgh - Kirkwall
      BE6918 Sumburgh - Kirkwall-Inverness
      BE6919 Inverness - Kirkwall-Sumburgh
      BE6996 Sumburgh - Edinburgh
      BE6997 Edinburgh - Sumburgh
      Orkney inter-island services are not affected by this decision and will continue as scheduled.
      Loganair had, in good faith, expected to operate the flights today and has aircrew and aircraft standing by to be able to do so.   However, consistent with all of our previous advice, flight safety is the overriding priority at all times and the decision to cancel these flights has been taken on the basis of the latest directions from NATS and advice from the Met Office.
      An update relating to the flying programme for tomorrow, Thursday 22 April, will be issued this afternoon.
      In terms of options open to customers:
      1. If your flight has been cancelled, you can:

        a) Rebook free of charge for travel within the next 28 days subject to space being available on the aircraft.
        b) Rebook for travel at any time for no charge provided that your original fare is available.  
        c) Obtain a full refund for any part(s) of the journey not taken.

      2. If you have already rebooked your journey but wish to bring your travel plans forward an earlier date, you can rebook free of charge for travel within the next 7 days subject to space being available on the aircraft.
      3. If you are booked to travel within the next 72 hours but need to change your travel plans, you can Rebook free of charge for travel within the next 7 days subject to space being available on the aircraft
      4. If you have already requested a refund but now wish to fly within the next 28 days, we will do all possible to reinstate the booking subject to availability, providing the refund has not been processed.

      Customers wishing to re-book or make new bookings on those flights which are operating should call the Flybe call centre on 0871 700 2000 or call the Loganair Air Discount Scheme reservations helpline on 0844 800 2855.  

      bmibaby flight update

      The ban on flying within UK airspace has now been lifted, but there are still restrictions in place.  Safety is our number one priority and we will continue to work with NATS and the Met Office to monitor the situation. 
      In line with the above we will endeavour to operate a limited flying programme on Wednesday 21 April 2010.  We are currently finalising this programme, please continue to check the website for further updates.

      The following bmibaby flights on Wednesday 21st April 2010 have been cancelled as listed below. 

      Wednesday 21st April 2010 flight cancellations:

      WW5251 East Midlands – Paris
      WW5252 Paris – East Midlands
      WW5911 East Midlands – Venice
      WW5912 Venice – East Midlands
      WW5253 East Midlands – Paris
      WW5254 Paris – East Midlands
      WW5371 East Midlands – Nice
      WW5372 Nice – East Midlands
      WW5249 East Midlands – Jersey
      WW5250 Jersey – East Midlands

      WW1529 Birmingham – Nice
      WW1530 Nice – Birmingham
      WW1757 Birmingham – Murcia
      WW1758 Murcia - Birmingham
      WW1021 Birmingham - Belfast
      WW1022 Belfast - Birmingham

      WW3227 Manchester – Toulouse
      WW3228 Toulouse – Manchester
      WW3501 Manchester - Belfast
      WW3502 Belfast - Manchester

      WW2003 Cardiff – Edinburgh
      WW2004 Edinburgh - Cardiff
      Cancellations and delays may continue into Thursday 22nd April 2010 and passengers should continue to monitor the website for details.  We are unable to say when operations will resume as normal given the uncertainty of this situation. 

       bmibaby will provide a further update at 13:00 on Wednesday 21st April 2010. 

      To rebook a flight following a cancellation:

      Any passengers who were booked to travel on one of the cancelled flights can transfer to the next available flight free of charge within 21 days of the original flight date, subject to availability. 

      Our reservations centre is open from 0800 until 2200, please call: 0844 2450055. 

      If you are calling from outside the UK please call +44 8458 101100. 
      Due to the exceptionally high volume of calls our phone lines are operating at maximum capacity so your patience is appreciated at this time. 

      To apply for a refund following a cancellation:

      If you do not wish to transfer to an alternative flight and would like to apply for a refund please write to: 
      bmibaby customer relations
      PO Box 737
      Castle Donington
      DE74 2XP
      Alternatively, this can be arranged by calling our reservations centre on 0844 2450055.  If you are calling from outside the UK please call +44 8458 101100.
      We would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
      Please continue to monitor the website for further updates. 

      Update on bmibaby travel partners:

      Hotel or holiday bookings: 
      If you would like to discuss an amendment or cancellation of your hotel or holiday, you can contact us by calling our Customer Care Team on the following number: 0871 2300675 or if outside the UK on +44 (0)1483 215844.
      However, due to the scale of this incident, we are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes and our waiting times might be longer than usual.

      Please note: bmibaby will liaise with our suppliers to amend or cancel your booking, however this will be subject to availability and the latest policies.


      For airport parking bookings made through for East Midlands and Manchester airports
      You will be allowed to exit the car park without an additional charge. Please take your booking reference and original car parking ticket to the car park ticket validation desks located opposite the Information Desk (near SPAR) after you have passed through Customs. 
      In addition, any queries relating to pre bookings where customers are wanting to know if they can amend the dates of travel or obtain refunds should be directed to our call centre on 0871 310 3300

      For all other airport parking bookings made through

      You will be able to cancel or amend your booking by going to the holidayextras website using the following link
      Alternatively call on 0800 093 5478 or email at

      easyJet flight update

      Travel update

      Following the re-opening of airspace across the UK and Europe, easyJet plans to resume some services across the UK and Continental Europe from today. Due to the extent of the disruption, it will take several days to resume normal operations and delays are likely

      Check the status of your flight

      Check before you leave for the airport
        Please ensure you find out the status of your flight immediately before you travel to the airport. If your flight is cancelled, do not travel to the airport.

        Keep checking your e-mails
          If your flight is cancelled you will receive an e-mail with information on your options.

          Important changes to check-in process

          Get to the airport early! Check-in closes 1 HOUR* before departure
            To help us get as many disrupted passengers as possible transferred onto available flights home, we will be closing check-in early.

            Check in AT THE AIRPORT - no online boarding passes accepted
            All passengers must check in at the airport.

            If your flight is disrupted

            Passengers who are booked to travel on a cancelled flight can arrange either a full refund or a free transfer. This is in accordance with our obligations under EC Regulation 261/2004.

            Full refund
              You are entitled to a full refund of the cost of your flight and any directly related unflown sector within the same booking (if applicable), back to the original payment card.

              Free transfer
                You may transfer to another flight within 30 days of the original flight date.

                Please remember you may also need to cancel separately other elements such as travel insurance, accommodation or car rental.

                Finding more information

                The best place to find the latest updates on the disruption will always be at
                Our Customer Services team only have the same information as you will find on the website. Given that waiting times for callers are already longer than normal, we ask you only to contact our call centre to find information on your flight if you are unable to access the internet. This will allow our team to continue to focus their efforts on those passengers without any access to the information and services available online.
                To all our customers, we appreciate the inconvenience that has been caused by the Volcanic Ash. We thank you for your patience during this very difficult time and assure you that we are doing everything we can to carry as many passengers as possible to their destinations.

                Andy Harrison, CEO easyJet

                Monday, 19 April 2010

                Volcanic ash disruption leaves Britons stranded

                The UK is experiencing its fourth day as a virtual no-fly zone due to volcanic ash drifting from Iceland, leaving thousands of Britons stranded.

                Flight restrictions have been extended until at least 0700 BST on Monday and forecasters say the ash cloud could remain over the UK for many more days.

                Several countries including the UK are carrying out test flights.

                Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called a top-level ministerial meeting to discuss the situation.

                A Downing Street spokesman said: "The meeting will cover a number of issues, including the assistance being provided to those Britons who have been unable to travel home, and the implications for industry.
                "They will also look at what more can be done on a European level."

                On Monday, EU transport ministers are meeting to consider whether flights could resume even if volcanic ash remained in the atmosphere.

                Dutch airline KLM and German airline Lufthansa have carried out test flights in their countries' airspace to see if it is safe for planes to fly.

                KLM, which is inspecting test plane engines for possible damage with a view to restarting operations, said its aircraft had been able to fly at normal operating altitude of 13km (8 miles) over Dutch skies and no problems had been reported.

                "We have found nothing unusual, neither during the flight, nor during the first inspection on the ground," said KLM chief executive Peter Hartman, who took part in his airline's test.

                Lufthansa said it flew 10 planes from Frankfurt to Munich at heights of up to 8km (5 miles).
                Air France said it had successfully carried out a test flight from Paris to Toulouse.
                Germany has opened six airports for flights heading east until 1900 BST, and several will remain open in southern France.

                Planes were first grounded in the UK at midday on Thursday amid fears that particles in the ash cloud generated by the volcanic eruption could cause engines to shut down.

                Transport secretary Lord Adonis said further test flights would take place in the UK to help understand the extent of the impact of the ash cloud.

                He said: "I wish to establish, as a matter of urgency, whether some safe flight paths can be identified and opened up to flights within the area affected by ash."

                Meanwhile, Brian Flynn, head of operations at Eurocontrol, the organisation in charge of air safety in Europe, denied aviation authorities were being over cautious.

                He said: "The accepted methodology that we have in Europe - the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation - are the guidelines that we are using, and that is that any risk of an aircraft penetrating an area that could have volcanic ash in it could have extreme safety consequences."

                Mr Flynn said the "over-riding objective of protecting the travelling public" meant exceptional measures had to be taken.


                Airlines 'unconvinced' by threat of dust cloud

                Ukraine International say they plan to resume service on Sunday, while KLM and Lufthansa have both successfully conducted test flights.

                The Independent's Travel editor Simon Calder told BBC News that the airlines, losing over £1m an hour, are desperate to resume a full service.


                EU emergency talks on air chaos

                EU transport ministers are to hold emergency talks on easing the ash cloud chaos paralysing air travel across Europe.

                The current situation of air travel chaos in Europe is "not sustainable", according to EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas.

                Mr Kallas said safety, economic and passenger welfare issues were the priority as authorities try to deal with the "unprecedented situation".

                He was speaking as many European countries endured another day of airspace restrictions because of concerns over volcanic ash from Iceland.

                Friday, 16 April 2010

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                English airports will remain shut today

                Statement on Icelandic volcanic eruption: Friday April 16, 0830

                The cloud of volcanic ash continues to cover much of the UK and the eruption in Iceland continues. Following a review of the latest Met Office information, NATS advises that restrictions preventing flights in English controlled airspace will remain in place until 0100 (UK time) tomorrow, Saturday 17 April, at the earliest.

                Flights in Northern Ireland and the Western Isles of Scotland to and from Glasgow and Prestwick will continue to be allowed until 1900 (UK time) subject to individual co-ordination. North Atlantic traffic to and from Glasgow, Prestwick and Belfast may also be allowed in this period.

                From 1900 (UK time), forecasts indicate that Scottish airspace may be able to accept domestic flights within Scotland and Northern/Southern Ireland, and North Atlantic flights to/from airports in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

                We will review further Met Office information and at 1330 (UK time) we will advise further arrangements. In general, the situation is dynamic and subject to change.

                We continue to work closely with airports, airlines, and the rest of Europe to understand and mitigate the implications of the volcanic eruption.

                Thursday, 15 April 2010

                All UK flights halted

                National Air Traffic Control (NATS) has now closed UK airspace until at least 19:00hrs today. 


                Wednesday, 14 April 2010

                Ryanair pushes ahead with toilet plans.........

                Ryanair pushes ahead with plans to charge for use of toilets on flights to France.




                Ryanair just announced extra day return flights for Munster rugby fans travelling to San Sebastian on Sunday 2 May.
                Speaking yesterday, Daniel de Carvalho said:
                “Ryanair is delighted to support the Munster team with these extra day return flights to make sure they power through this round and reach the final.
                “On Saturday, 1 May we are adding one extra flight between Dublin and Biarritz with return on 3 May, and on  Sunday 2 May we are adding a day return flights to Biarritz from Cork and Shannon to ensure supporters can make it to the match on time and return home on the same day.
                “These flights with one way fares from €154 will sell out quickly so our advice to fans is to book today on
                Biarritz Olympique v Munster
                Sun 2nd May 16.15 – San Sebastian, Estadio Anoeta
                Sat 1st May
                Dublin - Biarritz
                15.20 - 18.25
                Mon 3rd May
                Biarritz – Dublin
                21.25 - 22.30
                Sun 2nd May
                Cork – Biarritz
                08.10 - 11.20
                Sun 2nd May
                Biarritz - Cork
                22.05 - 23.15
                Sun 2nd May
                Shannon - Biarritz
                08.30 - 11.45
                Sun 2nd May
                Biarritz - Shannon
                22.00 - 23.15


                Ryanair reduces travel insurance excess for flights to France

                Ryanair and AXA Travel Insurance yesterday (13th Apr) announced a reduction in its travel insurance cancellation and curtailment excess from £75/€75 to £15/€15 from today.  Ryanair passengers who purchase travel insurance on will be covered for up to £500/€500 for irrecoverable unused travel, accommodation costs and other pre-paid charges.

                This is good news for people taking flights to France. Let's hope that Ryanair continues to keep prices down.



                Friday, 9 April 2010

                Ryanair ends mobile phone usage onboard

                Ryanair has suspended its on-board mobile phone service after the Swiss company that provided the technology elected to terminate the contract, the airline said Monday. The service, which went live in February 2009, had enabled Ryanair passengers to make and receive voice calls and text messages on 50 of the airline’s fleet of 230 Boeing 737 planes.
                OnAir of Geneva said the companies were unable to agree on a timetable for expanding the service across the fleet. Ryanair said it was inviting bids from other in-flight-communications companies to replace OnAir.


                Flybe flights to France announced

                Flybe flights to France announced.

                Popular low cost airline Flybe offers its 2010 Summer Schedule with a choice of 190 routes across the UK and Europe including Croatia, France, Portugal and Spain that features 24 brand new services to top summer sun destinations available across the network.

                The airline’s reputation for providing an extensive choice of quality, affordable and reliable travel has been confirmed many times and, to top its first full year as the UKs Number One domestic airline, Flybe most recently attracted global recognition by being the only UK carrier to feature in the prestigious Forbes 2009 Top 10 on time arrival list of Global Major Carriers.

                While other airlines continue to limit and even withdraw routes, Flybe has been able to step in to grow and build capacity.  Flybe continues to offer the widest choice of summer routes to regional France, with 42 routes to and from 12 French and 11 UK airports. These feature  brand new routes from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and, from London Gatwick where the airline carries more domestic passengers and operates twice as many domestic routes than any other.

                Flybe’s new summer schedule includes the brand new routes listed below:

                Birmingham: Avignon (3xweek), Bordeaux (4xweek), Limoges (3xweek) Perpignan (3xweek) and Rennes (3xweek)
                Edinburgh: Manston Kent (7xweek); Limoges (2xweek)
                Exeter: Hannover (3xweek)
                Guernsey: Belfast (2xweek July 14-Aug 28), Edinburgh (3xweek July 13 - Aug 31), Newcastle (2xweek), Norwich (1xweek)
                Humberside: Belfast (4xweek), Malaga (1xweek)
                Isle of Man: Bristol (4xweek)
                Jersey: Once weekly Prestwick (June 19 - Sep 18) and Durham Tees Valley (May 29-Sep18)
                London Gatwick: Limoges (3xweek)
                Manchester: Avignon (2xweek), Bournemouth (6xweek) Bergerac (3xweek) and Limoges (3xweek)
                Newcastle: Hannover (3xweek)
                Southampton: Verona (weekly)

                Returning for the Summer 2010 season are the following popular routes:

                Aberdeen: Jersey
                Belfast City: Jersey
                Birmingham: Bergerac, Brest, Dubrovnic, La Rochelle, Split, Toulouse
                Exeter: Avignon, Bergerac, Dubrovnik, Norwich, Rennes
                Edinburgh: Bergerac, Rennes, Newquay
                Glasgow: La Rochelle
                Inverness: Jersey, Southampton
                Isle of Man: Southampton
                Jersey: Aberdeen, Belfast City, Dundee, Humberside, Inverness, Nice, Southend
                Manchester: Brest, La Rochelle, Rennes
                Newcastle: Limoges
                Southampton:  Avignon, Bordeaux, Brest, Dubrovnic, Isle of Man, Limoges, Perpignon, Rennes, Split, Salzburg



                Thursday, 8 April 2010

                Beziers airport expands

                Beziers airport has just opened it's new departure lounge.

                The new lounge, which is considerably bigger than the single lounge it now complements, was opened with many many speeches today. Most important though was the Ryanair representertive who said "Ryanair congratulates the airport on it's second lounge and remodelled terminus and will", she promised, " ensure Beziers features in any future developement plan in regional flights".
                (Insiders suggest another European flight will be announced soon)

                The new lounge at Beziers airport will also have a bar for drinks, tea and coffee.
                The airport is now provides free acess WiFi for visitors. A second X ray scanner has also been installed and the airport now also has standing for 2 planes.

                It is expected there will be up to 130,000 visitors through the airport this year - up from 30,000 in 2007.

                The long term aim is to handle up to 250,000 passengers a year by 2012.

                The airport represents a formible achievment by CCI Beziers who spent nearly €9 million in 2007 with the ambition of attracting a lo cost flight.

                In high summer there will be
                4 flights a week to Luton and Bristol
                2 flights a week to Dusseldorf and Stockholm and
                1 flight each week from Denmark

                Many thanks to Robin at WoW for this news update.



                Ryanair flights to France - New Routes Opened

                LEEDS BRADFORD - new Ryanair base opens

                2 aircraft, 17 routes and 1m pax p.a.

                Ryanair, has opened its 34th base at Leeds Bradford with two aircraft and 17 routes which will increase Ryanair’s traffic at Leeds Bradford to 1m passengers p.a. and sustain 1,000 jobs at Leeds Bradford Airport.

                Speaking in Leeds Bradford, Ryanair’s Dara Brady said:

                “Ryanair is delighted to open its Leeds Bradford base which offers passengers 17 routes in a total investment worth over $140m. Ryanair’s Leeds Bradford base will deliver 1million passengers p.a. and sustain 1,000 local jobs.

                Ryanair flights from Leeds Bradford to France include;

                • Carcassonne
                • Montpellier
                • Limoges

                Carcassonne airport has 2 flights a week - Sunday and Wednesday

                Montpellier airport has 2 flights a week - Monday and Friday



                Ryanair set to increase check in baggage this summer


                Ryanair announced on Tuesday that it will incentivise all of its passengers to travel light during the peak summer months by increasing checked-in baggage fees for July and August to €20 per bag, for all bookings made after midnight (24:00hrs) Wed 7th April.

                Checked-in bag fees remain at €15 for passengers travelling outside of the two peak summer months of July and August. Passengers checking in bags in June or September, for example will pay €15 for a checked in bag. Ryanair urged all of its passengers to avoid checked-in baggage fees by travelling with carry-on bags only using Ryanair’s FREE 10KG carry-on baggage allowance.

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                Wednesday, 7 April 2010

                Ryanair summer flights to Beziers

                Ryanair summer flights to Beziers airport are now up and running . Ryanair are currently running flights from Bristol to Beziers 4 times a week and flights from Luton to Beziers 3 times a week.

                Of course these flights are subject to change so be sure to check on one our flights to France pages to be sure before you make your travel plans.


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