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Saturday, 9 January 2010

easyJet flights to France snow update

easyJet have announced cancellation of the following flights to France today due to bad weather :-

EZY8944 Grenoble                            London Gatwick
EZY5003 London Gatwick Lyon airport
EZY5333 London Gatwick Touluse airport
EZY8943 London Gatwick Grenoble airport
EZY2437 London Luton                     Paris Charles de Gaulle airport
EZY5004 Lyon                                  London Gatwick
EZY5072 Nice                                  London Gatwick
EZY2438 Paris Charles de Gaulle London Luton
EZY4023 Paris (Orly)                         Toulouse airport
EZY5334 Touluse                              London Gatwick
EZY4024 Toulouse                             Paris Orly airport




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