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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Flybe flights from UK to France - New routes for 2010

Low cost airline Flybe has announced 16 new routes for 2010.

Flybe flights from the UK to France for 2010 will include;

Also returning for summer 2010 are the following flights from UK to France;

  • Flights from Edinburgh to Bergerac,
  • Flights from Edinburgh to Rennes
  • Flights from Glasgow to La Rochelle
  • Flights from Manchester to Brest,
  • Flights from Manchester to La Rochelle,
  • Flights from Manchester to Rennes
  • Flights from Newcastle to Limoges
  • Flights from Southampton to Avignon,
  • Flights from Southampton to Bordeaux,
  • Flights from Southampton to Brest,
  • Flights from Southampton to Limoges,
  • Flights from Southampton to Perpignan airport,
  • Flights from Southampton to Rennes

Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer Mike Rutter said..............."In an environment in which other airlines are withdrawing services, we’re delighted to be offering close to 4,000 summer flights a week that include the operation of another 16 brand new routes."

"With people already planning next year’s holidays and wanting their budgets go as far as possible, it’s advisable to book early and take advantage of the lowest possible fares.”


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