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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Winter flights to France

Here are some winter flights to France that are now available to book online with Ryanair.

I know that Girona isn't in France but it's so close that I thought it was worth a mention in this alert about flights to France.

Bezier-Bristol Fri/Mon
Bezier-Luton Sat/Tue
Perpignan-Charleroi Fri/Mon
Carcassonne-Charleroi Thu/Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Carcassonne-Dublin Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Carcassonne-Liverpool Sun/Wed
Carcassonne-Stansted Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Nimes-Charleroi Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Nimes-Luton Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Montpellier-Charleroi Thu/Sat/Tue
Montpellier- Frankfurt Hahn Sun/Wed
Marseille-Charleroi Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Marseille-Gatwick Daily
Marseille-Stansted Daily
Girona-Birmingham Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Bournemouth Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Bristol Wed/Fri/Sun
Girona-Charleroi Daily
Girona-Dublin Daily
Girona-Dusseldorf-Weeze Daily
Girona-EMA Tue/Thu/Sat
Girona-Frankfurt Hahn Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun
Girona-Prestwick Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Leeds-Bradford Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Liverpool Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Gatwick Daily
Girona-Luton Daily
Girona-Stansted Daily
Girona-Manchester Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun
Girona-Shannon Wed/Sun



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