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Thursday, 9 July 2009

France calls for blacklisting at airports in France

France calls for global blacklisting after June 30th crash

In the aftermath of the June 30 crash of Yemenia Airbus A310, France has called for a world aviation blacklist of companies that fail to meet safety standards, warning the Yemeni carrier that its name is on the line.

Tough measures aimed at increasing safety at all airports in France as well as all other world airports.


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Flights to Beziers airport - update

My sources (very reliable) tell me that Beziers airport has secured flights to Beziers airport from Luton and Flights to Beziers airport from Bristol for this winter.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beziers airport gets improved facilities

The ever popular Beziers airport in the Languedoc region of France is set to expand operations in the following ways..........

- 2nd standing for aircraft type B - 737 800,

- expansion of car parking,

- Buying a 2nd fire tender.

- Buying 34 hectares of land for development

I think that Beziers airport is a great little airport and I hope they continue to flourish.


Winter flights to France

Here are some winter flights to France that are now available to book online with Ryanair.

I know that Girona isn't in France but it's so close that I thought it was worth a mention in this alert about flights to France.

Bezier-Bristol Fri/Mon
Bezier-Luton Sat/Tue
Perpignan-Charleroi Fri/Mon
Carcassonne-Charleroi Thu/Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Carcassonne-Dublin Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Carcassonne-Liverpool Sun/Wed
Carcassonne-Stansted Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Nimes-Charleroi Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Nimes-Luton Fri/Sun/Mon/Wed
Montpellier-Charleroi Thu/Sat/Tue
Montpellier- Frankfurt Hahn Sun/Wed
Marseille-Charleroi Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Marseille-Gatwick Daily
Marseille-Stansted Daily
Girona-Birmingham Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Bournemouth Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Bristol Wed/Fri/Sun
Girona-Charleroi Daily
Girona-Dublin Daily
Girona-Dusseldorf-Weeze Daily
Girona-EMA Tue/Thu/Sat
Girona-Frankfurt Hahn Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun
Girona-Prestwick Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Leeds-Bradford Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Liverpool Wed/Fri/Sun/Mon
Girona-Gatwick Daily
Girona-Luton Daily
Girona-Stansted Daily
Girona-Manchester Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun
Girona-Shannon Wed/Sun