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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Air France to trial "Smartboarding"

In this ever accelerating technological age Air France are beginning trials of what they refer to as "Smartboarding".

This new system is aimed at frequent business travellers and is currently being tested between Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and Amsterdam.

Essentially the system is a biometric scanner that, after initial registration, will allow passengers to check in and board by simply placing their finger on a scan pad so that the system can confirm who they are. Biometrics are nothing new. You have been able to buy laptop computers for some time now with fingerprint security scanners but in the world of air travel this appears to be a first.

If this trial is successful then we should expect to be boarding ryanair and easyJet flights by simply scanning our fingerprints in the future.

The big thing about this type of security is that every person's fingerprints are different so the security level is very high.


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