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Monday, 23 February 2009

Long term parking at Montpellier airport update

New tarif available for Montpellier airport parking at a cost of 18€ for the year.


  • This new tarif is available only with an accompanying airline ticket for travel from Montpellier airport.
  • Only available with long term car park P4.
  • Only available for a minimum 7 day stay up to maximum of 15 days.

Ryanair is to abolish check-in desks

Ryanair has announced that it is going to get rid of check in desks at the start of 2010 in order to save money.

At the moment, approx 75% of Ryanair passengers check in online but from 2010 all Ryanair passengers will have to check in this way.

Michael O'Leary has said that his ultimate goal is for just 1 in 5 people to check in luggage.

This is all well and good but where does that leave people such as my parents who do not have a computer and therefore internet access ???????

Friday, 13 February 2009

Latest Flights to France info

Bristol / Montpellier - starts 2 July
Bristol /Perpignan - starts 3 July
Edinburgh / Caracassone - starts 30 March
Carcassonne - Liverpool - Wed/Frid/Sun
Carcassonne - Nottingham - Mon/Weds/Frid/Sun
Carcassonne - Stansted - Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun

And we have just heard -

Bournemouth /Carcassonne on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting June 6th


Gatwick / Montpellier - starts 30 March till 25 October

Thursday, 12 February 2009

New information for Biarritz airport added

Flights to the south of France

One of our readers has just emailed in an up to date list of flights to the Languedoc region of France where she lives.

Many thanks.

From To Carrier

Aberdeen - Barcelona Flyglobespan
Belfast - Barcelona Aer Lingus
Belfast - Barcelona Easyjet
Belfast - Barcelona Thomas Cook Airlines
Belfast - Toulouse Jet2
Belfast - Toulouse Thomas Cook Airlines
Birmingham - Barcelona BMI baby
Birmingham - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Birmingham - Girona Ryanair
Birmingham - Girona Thompson Airways
Birmingham - Marseille BMI baby
Birmingham - Perpignan Ryanair
Birmingham - Toulouse Flybe
Bournemouth - Girona Ryanair
Bournemouth - Marseille Ryanair
Bristol - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Bristol - Barcelona Easyjet
Bristol - Beziers Ryanair
Bristol - Girona Ryanair
Bristol - Marseille Easyjet
Bristol - Montpellier Ryanair
Bristol - Perpignan Ryanair
Bristol - Toulon Ryanair
Bristol - Toulouse Easyjet
Cardiff - Barcelona BMI baby
Cardiff - Girona Thompson Airways
Cork - Barcelona Aer Lingus
Cork - Carcassonne Ryanair
Doncaster - Girona Ryanair
Dublin - Barcelona Aer Lingus
Dublin - Carcassonne Ryanair
Dublin - Girona Ryanair
Dublin - Marseille Aer Lingus
Dublin - Marseille Ryanair
Dublin - Rodez Ryanair
Dublin - Toulouse Aer Lingus
Durham - Girona Ryanair
East Midlands - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
East Midlands - Barcelona Easyjet
Edinburgh - Avignon Jet2
Edinburgh - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Edinburgh - Barcelona Flyglobespan
Edinburgh - Barcelona GermanWings
Edinburgh - Carcassonne Ryanair
Edinburgh - Marseille Ryanair
Edinburgh - Toulouse Jet2
Exeter - Avignon Flybe
Gatwick - Barcelona BA
Gatwick - Barcelona Easyjet
Gatwick - Girona Ryanair
Gatwick - Girona Thompson Airways
Gatwick - Marseille BA
Gatwick - Marseille Easyjet
Gatwick - Montpellier Easyjet
Gatwick - Toulouse BA
Gatwick - Toulouse Easyjet
Gatwick - Toulouse Thomas Cook Airlines
Glasgow - Barcelona Flyglobespan
Heathrow - Barcelona BA
Heathrow - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Heathrow - Toulouse BA
Leeds Bradford - Girona Ryanair
Leeds Bradford - Avignon Jet2
Leeds Bradford - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Leeds Bradford - Barcelona Jet2
Leeds Bradford - Toulouse Jet2
Liverpool - Barcelona Easyjet
Liverpool - Carcassonne Ryanair
Liverpool - Girona Ryanair
Liverpool - Nimes Ryanair
Luton - Barcelona Easyjet
Luton - Beziers Ryanair
Luton - Girona Ryanair
Luton - Nimes Ryanair
Manchester - Barcelona Avro
Manchester - Barcelona BMI baby
Manchester - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Manchester - Barcelona Jet2
Manchester - Barcelona Monarch
Manchester - Barcelona Thomas Cook Airlines
Manchester - Girona Ryanair
Manchester - Girona Thompson Airways
Manchester - Marseille Ryanair
Manchester - Perpignan BMI baby
Manchester - Toulouse BMI baby
Manchester - Toulouse Thomas Cook Airlines
Newcastle - Barcelona Brussels Airlines
Newcastle - Barcelona Easyjet
Newcastle - Girona Ryanair
Newcastle - Girona Thompson Airways
Newquay - Girona Ryanair
Nottingham - Carcassonne Ryanair
Nottingham - Girona Ryanair
Prestwick - Girona Ryanair
Prestwick - Marseille Ryanair
Shannon - Carcassonne Ryanair
Shannon - Girona Ryanair
Shannon - Marseille Air Mediterranee
Shannon - Toulouse Air Mediterranee
Southampton - Avignon Flybe
Southampton - Perpignan Flybe
Stansted - Barcelona Air Berlin
Stansted - Barcelona Easyjet
Stansted - Barcelona Germanwings
Stansted - Beziers Ryanair
Stansted - Carcassonne Ryanair
Stansted - Girona Ryanair
Stansted - Marseille Germanwings
Stansted - Marseille Ryanair
Stansted - Montpellier Ryanair
Stansted - Perpignan Ryanair
Stansted - Rodez Ryanair
Stansted - Toulon Ryanair **

Friday, 6 February 2009

France Airport Weather Guides

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Bristol to Beziers flights

NEW BRISTOL/BEZIER FLIGHTS on Weds and Thursday So now run 4 days a week
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Monday, 2 February 2009

easyJet launches 14 new routes throughout Europe

Obviously if you're reading this blog then it's only flights to France that will be of interest to you so..........................

From 2nd June 2009 easyJet will be operating Liverpool to Bordeaux on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

easyJet’s Chief Executive Andy Harrison said:

- We start the new year with 14 new routes which will be popular with sun seekers, city breakers and business travellers alike.
- We are proud to keep growing in Liverpool and Manchester, where we will base additional aircraft that will boost the local economy, create much needed jobs and give even more destinations at our famously low fares.”